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Each New Year a group of our closest friends get together to see in the New Year. These are often nice and sober occasions with idle chat and a promise that next year we will do the same again as we obviously haven’t got anything better to do! Quite the contrary really as I am sure you can imagine but then these are some of our closest friends and so it is usually great fun.

There is one recurring theme however that keeps coming back each year; aims for the year to come. Last year I made three aims and the first was to learn Italian. I failed miserably at this task! The second was to teach our son, Sebastian, to walk which I was most proud to achieve. He started to walk at about 13 months and is now running around to his hearts content causing myself and Jo much energy loss trying to keep up! The third was a rather absurd aim to make Heston Blumenthal’s Chilli Con Carne. This doesn’t sound much but if you realise it takes three days to make you may see the challenge. Read more about the account below. Read the rest of this entry »