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So my usual Sunday night blog post written whilst sitting in front of a roaring fire while drinking homemade cider is being rudely interrupted by an airport lounge in Newcastle. Corporate life has taken me away up North where it is very, very cold and therefore this post is being written while I wait in a rather lovely, colourful, inspiring departure lounge. Read the rest of this entry »

Willow before.....

Willow before.....

I am sitting here in the study feeling a little bit guilty, something I have been feeling all week, before I had done the actual act. The act is now 90% complete and there is no going back now, unless I want my willow tree to look like it has have a complete haircut but I got bored or forgot the last branch!

Yes, you have probably guessed, this weekend was cut the willow day but my guilt is due to the fact that honey bees (and other foragers for that matter) love Willow for early season nectar – which I never knew before – I didn’t even realise that trees were a really important part of the honey bee diet! So what happened….. Read the rest of this entry »

Unbelievable @richardfreeman still hasn’t been in contact. Maybe I will never find out what he meant by “bee news”. Such a shame.

I have finished work for the week and am just starting to enjoy the fact that I am at home again. Tomorrow I am going to be cutting back my Willow tree which could be quite an adventure…….given that it is about 40ft high. This could be interesting…….I will have to take a before and after photo!

Bees are a fabulous subject but they wouldn’t be anywhere without our gardens being in shape! Therefore, this blog will also be charting my experiences in the garden as well. If truth be told, I would classify 2009 as the first year I took gardening seriously. Before that I had a keen interest but had certainly not really charted my feelings or experiences. At the start of 2009 I decided I would keep a diary of exactly what I had done, planted and sowed. Therefore I am pretty sure I can classify this year as the year that I started to take it that little bit more seriously! Read the rest of this entry »