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Sunday 7th February

Jo and I have just staggered back from a fanatastic wedding in Oxford. Not only was it at Blenhiem Palace, the birth place of Winston Churchil, which was stuning, but it was, far more importantly and of far more historical importance, the first night we have been away from Sebastian, together. It was quite surreal and yet quite lovely to actually have time together – we got exciting going into Beaconsfield Service Station for example knowing that we could sit down, have a coffee and read the paper! We have obviously reached that age where even a motorway service station is enjoyable! Read the rest of this entry »


Something that I never thought I would hear myself say……..”I am now on Facebook”. I have avoided Facebook like the plague for many years, despite being a great advocate of Social Media Marketing in my corporate life. I have never liked the thought of it and the fact that everyone can see everything about you but I have been shown another path and in the interests of keeping the bees going I have logged on! Read the rest of this entry »