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One of the lessons I was taught during my beekeeping course was to speak to your local beekeepers. At some point,


because of the fact that your bees will be flying up to 3 miles to collect food, there will be the inevitable mid air collisions, turf wars and bees getting jealous of each others queens being prettier than theirs. Perhaps, more seriously, speaking to local beekeepers is out of politeness, communication and support networks and also, what was said to be the most important, to know, locally, what bees are doing; are there any local diseases, what is the honey flow like and simply to avoid any surprises locally. Read the rest of this entry »


So there I was, at work, logging on to my twitter account as usual (I use it a lot in my corporate world much amusement of my colleagues who hear me “tweeting” all day long!) and settling down to my cup of coffee, catching up on the news and information that is flying past my eyes on the computer screen. Suddenly a message popped up from @richardfreeman, someone I had been conversing with in the past and a relatively local beekeeper. I realised this could be the moment my beekeeping life kicked of and became real………

It read: Read the rest of this entry »

It is nearly February and already I am feeling frustrated. I have had a fantastic three months learning the art of beekeeping…….in the theoretical sense! I have met and communicated with a lot of lovely people over a variety of Social Media Marketing channels (Twitter being the main one) and have generally felt at home in beekeeping circles – more of this in a later post as I truly believe that this medium is made for Beekeepers to communicate…… Read the rest of this entry »

So I have done the 10 week course (I will blog about my experience at the course shortly) and so I almost feel like a theoretical beekeeper! I now have to start thinking about the practicalities of a/ getting near a hive and b/ getting near an actual bee! Hmm….I am not quite sure how I will react when faced with something that has all the ability to sting me. We will see.

One fact on my course amazed me and I felt I had to investigate straight away. In doing this I felt it introduce me to the practical side immediately and make it all feel a little bit more real. Read the rest of this entry »