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So, my 2nd Christmas as a father, what an experience. I can certainly tell you that it changes your perspective and outlook to the period of celebration. You see the whole time through different eyes. Sebastian can now identify Father Christmas but obviously cannot work out that he is the one delivering presents yet. He can now open presents by himself (and can open other peoples presents in the process!) which is a joy to see and it will be interesting next year to see whether he can work it all out from this years experiences (he did go to see Father Christmas three times this year!) Read the rest of this entry »


So here we all are looking forward to Christmas. Presents seem to be arriving most days now (especially for Sebastian, our 15 month old son). I am now home from work for Christmas, which I have to say, is fantastic. It is nice to now only have to think about Friday and nothing else. I am also getting time with Seb which is simply wonderful. However, I am also able to get myself in lots of trouble with regard the Christmas presents….. Read the rest of this entry »