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Yesterday was a nice day. I was able to really think about the hives that I will be using for the

Peak Hives National Hive

Peak Hives National Hive

coming year. I was researching cedar wood so that I can build my own (harder than you would think!) and I was also researching suppliers who could sell me a beehive flatpacked. I came across some lovely looking hives at See picture to the right of this blog for a National Hive with a gabled roof

. I think I will be putting in an order unless someone can give me any other recommendations (most of the sites I found were in the US)

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For some time now I have been considering what hive to get as there are so many. However, in light of this being a

The Quinntessential WBC Hive

blog about learning from my mistakes I have decided to try a different path. I am going to try a variety of different ones!

I am certain that I should be thinking about a 14*12 National hive because it makes sense to give the brood more space but I am also quite certain that I like the traditional WBC hives that you associate with bees – if for no other reason that they look nice and are the quintessential beehive! Therefore I am pretty sure that I will try both. But there is a twist…….. Read the rest of this entry »