One of the lessons I was taught during my beekeeping course was to speak to your local beekeepers. At some point,


because of the fact that your bees will be flying up to 3 miles to collect food, there will be the inevitable mid air collisions, turf wars and bees getting jealous of each others queens being prettier than theirs. Perhaps, more seriously, speaking to local beekeepers is out of politeness, communication and support networks and also, what was said to be the most important, to know, locally, what bees are doing; are there any local diseases, what is the honey flow like and simply to avoid any surprises locally. Read the rest of this entry »


I keep on reading random bee facts from several sources so I felt that I should join in the fun….there are really some

Bee facts part one!

amazing facts out there about our friends the bees. These are some of the reasons why I also wanted to get involved!

I think I will start off with probably the most frightening one:

“If the bee dissapeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left” Albert Einstein Read the rest of this entry »

……a proud moment for me today. Sebastian can now buzz like a bee when asked what noise a bee makes! Fantastic to see and I just have to take video of it at some point.

Something else happened today @richardfreeman wrote back to me and I now feel incredibly guilty (please read my other posts about “Anticipation“) as the reason he wasn’t getting back to me was the fact that his eldest child was in hospital. This is also the reason why he wants to give up his bees……I have to take my foot well out of my mouth and apologise as I think Richard took it the wrong way. Oops. Must think before I blog and not get too excited. My naivety has show through like a beacon of light!

I have accelerated my thoughts today of making this all into a book. Not sure where this could lead to. There doesn’t seem to be a lot around talking about experience with bees in the first year – only textbook style books that are rather inpractical……..lets see what I can come up with.

Hope everyone is well.

PS. I got given a bee mug for valentines day from the wife. How nice is that? Will have a cuppa from it tonight.

Yesterday was a nice day. I was able to really think about the hives that I will be using for the

Peak Hives National Hive

Peak Hives National Hive

coming year. I was researching cedar wood so that I can build my own (harder than you would think!) and I was also researching suppliers who could sell me a beehive flatpacked. I came across some lovely looking hives at See picture to the right of this blog for a National Hive with a gabled roof

. I think I will be putting in an order unless someone can give me any other recommendations (most of the sites I found were in the US)

Read the rest of this entry »

Willow before.....

Willow before.....

I am sitting here in the study feeling a little bit guilty, something I have been feeling all week, before I had done the actual act. The act is now 90% complete and there is no going back now, unless I want my willow tree to look like it has have a complete haircut but I got bored or forgot the last branch!

Yes, you have probably guessed, this weekend was cut the willow day but my guilt is due to the fact that honey bees (and other foragers for that matter) love Willow for early season nectar – which I never knew before – I didn’t even realise that trees were a really important part of the honey bee diet! So what happened….. Read the rest of this entry »