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Its coming up to midnight and I have just got settled in fornt of the computer after an evening of corporate life. I feel exhausted and it couldn’t have been further from my evening yesterday spent sowing sweet peas and chilli peppers. Which did I prefer I wonder?! Having spent the evening talking and incentivising I feel quite tired now and ready for a rather cold bed (she who must be obeyed is staying at the mother in laws tonight along with Sebastian) but I cannot wait for my head to hit the pillow. Its funny when you are tired, the words just don’t want to come out particularly fluently…. Read the rest of this entry »


Monday 22nd February

I feel a little strange……I have just ordered my first hive. Feels a little bit unreal because it was so simple. I had a good look around and felt that the information and pictures supplied by Nicholas at were the best people to go with. Got onto the website, bish, bash, bosh, one hive ordered and will make its way down here to Surrey from the foothills of the Peak District.

What a moment.

I decided, in the end, to opt for the slightly cheaper hive using Red Deal instead of the preferred Cedar wood. I suppose the only real difference, aside from the price, is weight (Deal being a little heavier I think) and the fact that Cedar probably looks a little bit nicer.

So I now have to go and buy the frames to go inside the hive and then, hey presto, my first hive will be born! Whoopee.

Must think about bees though! Where am I going to get them from and am I going to get a Nuc or a swarm (just been asked this on Twitter and as yet I am unsure of the merits of either! Note to self, must research this fact!)

Yesterday was a nice day. I was able to really think about the hives that I will be using for the

Peak Hives National Hive

Peak Hives National Hive

coming year. I was researching cedar wood so that I can build my own (harder than you would think!) and I was also researching suppliers who could sell me a beehive flatpacked. I came across some lovely looking hives at See picture to the right of this blog for a National Hive with a gabled roof

. I think I will be putting in an order unless someone can give me any other recommendations (most of the sites I found were in the US)

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Sunday 7th February

Jo and I have just staggered back from a fanatastic wedding in Oxford. Not only was it at Blenhiem Palace, the birth place of Winston Churchil, which was stuning, but it was, far more importantly and of far more historical importance, the first night we have been away from Sebastian, together. It was quite surreal and yet quite lovely to actually have time together – we got exciting going into Beaconsfield Service Station for example knowing that we could sit down, have a coffee and read the paper! We have obviously reached that age where even a motorway service station is enjoyable! Read the rest of this entry »

Corporate life took me away for a couple of days – this usually means two solid days of talking to people, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and generally not getting a lot of sleep. In between all of this and giving presentations left right and centre to a mixture of other corporate types, I also get to fly on a plane. I have to say that I thouroughly enjoy getting on a plane becuase it is just about the only time in my life that I actually get some time to digest things. This time I took with me “The World Without Bees” and I have to say that it has started as a fantastic book.

It starts off with offering some amazing facts about bees and takes you through some basic arguments about why the world cannot be without a bee. It then takes you through some of the basics of beekeeping and examples taken from around the world. It is really helpful if you have taken a course and want to do some background reading to remind yourself what you were meant to have learnt.

So, a successful trip all round. Too much alcohol drunk and too many people spoken to but time to get back to reality and to keep reading the book!

PS. Forgot to say, my beehive plans arrived! I got in last night just past midnight and saw the brown envelope from the BBKA – inside was a small plan of a beehive – I didn’t look any closer and shall wait for some downtime to study them closely!