Its coming up to midnight and I have just got settled in fornt of the computer after an evening of corporate life. I feel exhausted and it couldn’t have been further from my evening yesterday spent sowing sweet peas and chilli peppers. Which did I prefer I wonder?! Having spent the evening talking and incentivising I feel quite tired now and ready for a rather cold bed (she who must be obeyed is staying at the mother in laws tonight along with Sebastian) but I cannot wait for my head to hit the pillow. Its funny when you are tired, the words just don’t want to come out particularly fluently….

Its quite interesting at the moment, a lot of people seem to be taking an interest in the blog and my quest for just one pot of honey. Its really enjoyable to be speaking to other beekeepers and, to be honest, whether I was writing this blog or not, I am pretty sure I would be receiving the same amount of support and help with my quest. There is such a nice community surrounding the bees that it is quite lovely to say that I am becoming a part of it. Everyone is so keen to offer advice that it can actually be quite confusing but you have to remember that they are doing out of a keeness to help you out. I get the feeling beekeeping is really about trying to understand all the information you can and then making the best decision you feel is right. Nice to know you have the support at hand though.

I mentioned recently that I have now bought my first hive (see post). I was obviously excited about it and mentioned it to a few of my many friends I have now generated through learning this hobby. There then followed a barrage of questions which included the following:

  • What floor are you using?
  • Did you get the crownboard?
  • Have you thought about what foundation you are using?
  • Which frame type will you be using?
  • Are you using a stand?

I had to laugh at this because it was meant in the best way possible and Adam is a fantastic guy (one of the Reigate Beekeepers) and is helping me out more than you can appreciate. It just highlight, however, how much there is to learn as a beginner. I started by agonishing about which hive to go for (many days and sleepness nights dreaming of each hive; what serves the purpose, which looks the best – I know, I know, but you all know you will think that at some point! – what does everyone else use becuase you wouldn’t want to be the odd one out etc etc). Now that I have narrowed this down all of a sudden there is a barrage of other, very important information to take on board and study. To use an analogy of buying a car I have basically picked the car body shape but nothing else. I know have to pick all the seats, radios and gear sticks; not to mention the engine (lets say this would be the bees and that is a whole different ball game!)

Adam really showed me what a few years experience will give you; the ability to reel off all the technical information, which I have only read about in books and have a complete lack of understanding yet about how it will all be put together! I look forward to the day that I will understand it all and can speak with Adam’s authority.

I continually get asked the question lately about what bees I am going to get as well. I really must look into this as I am still only really aware that there are ones that are yellow and black. I am vaguely aware that some are from Africa and some are from Europe but I have no idea which bees are local to me around here. Quite looking forward to finding that out though. I am also learning alot about the solitary bee at the moment (not to mention the bumblebee) and the importance they have on pollination as well which has been interesting.

Must go to bed……thoughts not really making too much sense and another long day tomorrow. Night night.