Hello all and welcome to my first Book Review……I am going for “A World Without Bees” by Alison Benjamin and Brian

A World Without Bees

McCallum………which I discovered at RHS Wisley. Obviously I view this from the perspective of a complete novice so I hope it is of help to you beginners out there.

I have to say, from a beginners perspective, this is worthy of a read. In fact it is worthy of a read to any beekeeper for that matter. Right from the start,  it outlines exactly why there is a huge concern at the moment for the plight of the humble honey bee (or any other bee, as they cover them all) and certainly the first two chapters really highlight every concievable reason to be worried. There are some amazing facts about the honey bee as well which I never knew of before (in fact I am using some of them in my “Facts about Honey Bees” blogs) which really add weight to the argument.

After the first two chapters it then goes a little technical for the beginner and discusses the facters which are influencing Colony Colapse Disorder. I have to say it got a little bit too technical here and had it not I would also have recommended this book to the Average Joe walking down the road as it can be that readable at points. These technical discussions continue for the rest of the book pretty much but it does give you the undeniable evidence that there is something fundamentally wrong out there and we have to help them out.

What is very obvious all the way through is the amount of research that Alison and Brian put into this book and I have to give them huge credit for that. They have really opened my eyes to the problems, the origins of these problems and even started to discuss relevent solutions; all the way along giving practical examples and actual events which back it all up.

Therefore, in summary, a worthy read, a bit heavy on technical detail in places but, and it needs to be said, the plight of the honey bee is not exactly an easy problem nor is there an easy solution so maybe it is warrented.

Hope this has helped you. If you want to buy the book, you can just click here to go to the relevent page in Amazon. You can also follow the latest news aobut some of the beekeepers mentioned in the book and also the latest news about CCD on the website/blog associated with the book – click here