So my usual Sunday night blog post written whilst sitting in front of a roaring fire while drinking homemade cider is being rudely interrupted by an airport lounge in Newcastle. Corporate life has taken me away up North where it is very, very cold and therefore this post is being written while I wait in a rather lovely, colourful, inspiring departure lounge. 

It is full of happy people filled with smiles (especially considering we have just been told by a rather large man in a fluorescent jacket that they “are currently assessing the runway to see if it is safe to fly due to the snowy conditions”!) and all with heads stuck firmly into books or playing with devices which look suspiciously like iphones (wish I had one) or devices that wish they were iphones! 

Due to my current situation I thought I would just reflect on what happened yesterday as it was an interesting day which took an abrupt turn this morning while waiting for a flight and a little impulse purchase from WHSmith. 

Just been told we can board – hurrah!! 

Anyway, yesterday was the day to finish the final 10% of the Willow haircut (or massacre for a better description!). Bob, the man mountain joined me in the afternoon and we got on with the job at hand. My god I forgot how hard it was to keep on bending over and p (opps, sorry, have to board……) 

Okay……..well I have boarded, am sat on a seat (being 6ft 5 means my knees are by my ears and the computer is somewhere under my nose) and have just been told that with the snow coming down it means we may not be able to fly……ho hum. 

Anyway so the man mountain and I finished the job of cutting the willow. I have to say it isn’t all bad and it is lovely to end up with some fantastic willow poles which I shall make use off this year but…… are also reminded that the gardening year hasn’t really started yet. This is where it all started to go wrong yesterday. 

Firstly, I realised that I have so much willow to burn (considering willow branches have an uncanny ability to whip you across the cheeks when a/ you least expect it and b/ when you are freezing cold, I hate to think how they will react to being burnt!)  which is going to take some time trying to fit these long elasticated branches into a small dustbin with holes in. Incidentally I have tried to start a fire twice with extra help from a nice green coloured canister of petrol and twice nearly fried my eyebrows! Secondly I found it quite tough going in the garden. I haven’t had time to tidy anything up; last years geraniums are still looking dead in their pots (must remember to bring them in next year to over winter!), the grass is all a little bit uneven, wanting a cut and needing to do be rolled flat once more. I can’t tell you how sad it is to walk on waterlogged grass (I know I shouldn’t be but I had to).

Enough of the sad stuff……..because I then go into Gatwick airport this morning and just start milling around WHSmith and, as I always do, I thumb around  the garden magazine section. There in amongst them all was the funny, well I find it funny, face of Alan Titchsmarsh advertising an exclusive magazine. The Gardeners Year. I had a quick thumb through that looking at some lovely pictures and my good mood was restored.

They had some lovely photos of what the gardens will be looking like in the summer, some step by step plans to reassure you that the waterlogged grass, messy looking pots, weed filled beds are all normal and what you should do about them. I felt my mood lifted knowing that it wouldn’t be too long until the daffodils started to open and after them the tulips and after them God only knows.

Needless to say my guilt for the bees having sacrificed the best part of an entire willow tree, was not necessarily lifted but there you go.

I must start thinking about where I am going to get my bees from…….