Monday 22nd February

I feel a little strange……I have just ordered my first hive. Feels a little bit unreal because it was so simple. I had a good look around and felt that the information and pictures supplied by Nicholas at were the best people to go with. Got onto the website, bish, bash, bosh, one hive ordered and will make its way down here to Surrey from the foothills of the Peak District.

What a moment.

I decided, in the end, to opt for the slightly cheaper hive using Red Deal instead of the preferred Cedar wood. I suppose the only real difference, aside from the price, is weight (Deal being a little heavier I think) and the fact that Cedar probably looks a little bit nicer.

So I now have to go and buy the frames to go inside the hive and then, hey presto, my first hive will be born! Whoopee.

Must think about bees though! Where am I going to get them from and am I going to get a Nuc or a swarm (just been asked this on Twitter and as yet I am unsure of the merits of either! Note to self, must research this fact!)