……a proud moment for me today. Sebastian can now buzz like a bee when asked what noise a bee makes! Fantastic to see and I just have to take video of it at some point.

Something else happened today @richardfreeman wrote back to me and I now feel incredibly guilty (please read my other posts about “Anticipation“) as the reason he wasn’t getting back to me was the fact that his eldest child was in hospital. This is also the reason why he wants to give up his bees……I have to take my foot well out of my mouth and apologise as I think Richard took it the wrong way. Oops. Must think before I blog and not get too excited. My naivety has show through like a beacon of light!

I have accelerated my thoughts today of making this all into a book. Not sure where this could lead to. There doesn’t seem to be a lot around talking about experience with bees in the first year – only textbook style books that are rather inpractical……..lets see what I can come up with.

Hope everyone is well.

PS. I got given a bee mug for valentines day from the wife. How nice is that? Will have a cuppa from it tonight.