Yesterday was a nice day. I was able to really think about the hives that I will be using for the

Peak Hives National Hive

Peak Hives National Hive

coming year. I was researching cedar wood so that I can build my own (harder than you would think!) and I was also researching suppliers who could sell me a beehive flatpacked. I came across some lovely looking hives at See picture to the right of this blog for a National Hive with a gabled roof

. I think I will be putting in an order unless someone can give me any other recommendations (most of the sites I found were in the US)

So I now have a good idea about what I am going to be doing for this year. I am firstly going to order a flat packed hive and build that myself (prices are a lot cheaper if you are willing to put in a few hours work), I am going to build one from scratch from the BBKA hive plans (oh my god they look impossible not to mention the fact that my one small hope was my father who now states “I don’t do technical plans”!) and I am holding out on Omlet supplying me with one of their beehauses to try for the year. This would be a great comparison for other novices out there.

I thought these would all provide me with a good platform for others to learn from and should hopefully provide a good platform for me to make a pot of honey this year!