So there I was, at work, logging on to my twitter account as usual (I use it a lot in my corporate world much amusement of my colleagues who hear me “tweeting” all day long!) and settling down to my cup of coffee, catching up on the news and information that is flying past my eyes on the computer screen. Suddenly a message popped up from @richardfreeman, someone I had been conversing with in the past and a relatively local beekeeper. I realised this could be the moment my beekeeping life kicked of and became real………

It read:

“might have some bee news for you James, can you DM me your email if you are still interested in a nuc or two ? Thanks, R”

Wow, could this be the first step in getting some bees (a nuc, or nucleus, is a small amount of bees; usually a hive will have 11 frames and a nuc will contain 5, ideal for a beginner), could my journey actually turn into something real, what exactly does he mean by “bee news”. Heart was beating a little faster and I got a little excited……..

I immediately sent my e-mail address to Richard and…………..nothing! It has been three days and I haven’t heard anything! Not one miserly hello! Have my bees disappeared? Has he not picked up my “tweet”? I feel like I have taken one step forward and two steps back………

So I have to get contact with him somehow……..on a side note. I mentioned this experience to a local beekeeper who I have got to know, Adam Leitch, who incidentally came to my attention by commenting on my blog and later found out that he will probably be teaching me the practical side of beekeeping with Reigate Beekeepers; a nice coincidence. Through our conversations, he mentioned that gaining a nuc of bees from people is a very dangerous thing to do because you won’t know their history or what type of honey bee they are…….?

What type of honeybee? I thought it was quite simple. There were honeybees, bumblebees, and solitary bees. I now find out there are hundreds of different varieties within this set up. Note to self, must read up on this pretty quickly!

Thank you to Adam though as it could of ended in misery!