Corporate life took me away for a couple of days – this usually means two solid days of talking to people, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and generally not getting a lot of sleep. In between all of this and giving presentations left right and centre to a mixture of other corporate types, I also get to fly on a plane. I have to say that I thouroughly enjoy getting on a plane becuase it is just about the only time in my life that I actually get some time to digest things. This time I took with me “The World Without Bees” and I have to say that it has started as a fantastic book.

It starts off with offering some amazing facts about bees and takes you through some basic arguments about why the world cannot be without a bee. It then takes you through some of the basics of beekeeping and examples taken from around the world. It is really helpful if you have taken a course and want to do some background reading to remind yourself what you were meant to have learnt.

So, a successful trip all round. Too much alcohol drunk and too many people spoken to but time to get back to reality and to keep reading the book!

PS. Forgot to say, my beehive plans arrived! I got in last night just past midnight and saw the brown envelope from the BBKA – inside was a small plan of a beehive – I didn’t look any closer and shall wait for some downtime to study them closely!