Something that I never thought I would hear myself say……..”I am now on Facebook”. I have avoided Facebook like the plague for many years, despite being a great advocate of Social Media Marketing in my corporate life. I have never liked the thought of it and the fact that everyone can see everything about you but I have been shown another path and in the interests of keeping the bees going I have logged on!

I have now also gone and organised a group for new beekeepers as well entitled “The Beginner Beekeepers Group” – quite a Ronseal type of group really – it does exactly what it says! I have to say that beekeeping could certainly benefit for a dose of Social Media Marketing to bring it out of the dark ages. There is a lot to be said for the way that marketing works nowadays and Facebook is just one example (I can not believe just how many groups there are dedicated to the art of beekeeping – amazing)

Lets see what happens and see if anyone is interested in joining to watch me make lots of mistakes when it comes to working with bees. At the end of the day, if I can make the mistakes for other people, so that they don’t have to, all the better then!

On another note, I finally got chitting the potatoes yesterday – I wonder if there is a group for that!?