It is nearly February and already I am feeling frustrated. I have had a fantastic three months learning the art of beekeeping…….in the theoretical sense! I have met and communicated with a lot of lovely people over a variety of Social Media Marketing channels (Twitter being the main one) and have generally felt at home in beekeeping circles – more of this in a later post as I truly believe that this medium is made for Beekeepers to communicate……

I have been lucky enough to have my blog well publicised in The Surrey Life Magazine with Matthew Williams being a great help and I have also started to get some interest from BBC Surrey as well. Both these guys want to publicise the blog and follow my progress as I learn the beekeeping trade and try to teach people how not to do it!

However, I really want to get some hands on experience, if anything just to look inside a hive, know how I will feel when I open the roof for the first time – will I be scared, will I have the nervous excitement of a 4 year old child or will I just be my relaxed self? Somehow I doubt it will be the latter because I have been living and even dreaming the bee world for these three months.

I want to know how it feels to have the bees flying all around you, I want to know how it feels to put on the Bee suit (I wonder if it makes you feel invincible or will it just make you feel self conscious and silly?), I want to remember that I must put elastic bands over my gloves/sleeves to stop bees wandering up them. I want to understand what it must feel like to have a veil on, let alone knowing how I will feel seeing a bee walk across my eyeline, millimetres from my nose. I want to know what the smell is like when you light the smoker for the first time and I want to feel all experienced when you hook it onto your bee suit (is this what you do or is it a recipe for disaster!?). I want to know if I am brave enough to actually try to pick up a bee, to handle it without hurting it, just to see what they are all about. I want to pick a frame out of the hive like I have been doing it all my life and check both sides in that sweeping movement that beekeepers make while checking for problems or looking for the queen. I want to know if I will be able to find the queen when I am looking at thousands upon thousands of other bees!

Pause for breath!

I just want to get started so that I can communicate my feelings and adventures to other aspiring beekeepers. I simply want to show people that, if I can become a beekeeper, anyone can. I suppose, at the end of the day, I just want to start making my one pot of honey.