Today is quite an exciting day for me as I feel that little bit closer to being a beekeeper. I have joined an association of Beekeepers! I am now an official member of …….

………Reigate Beekeepers.

I have paid my £45 membership fee which, for all the added benefits, seems quite reasonable. During this membership I am entitled to attend all of their Summer and Winter meetings (and there are many of them!) and what I didn’t realise, it includes insurance for up to three beehives. Isn’t it crazy that you now need insurance against “your” bees stinging people! What is the world coming to. Next you may have to insure against the equivalent of the butterfly effect but in bee circles; your bees are responsible for the high winds in Spain that have blown over a few orange trees and a farmer isn’t particularly happy!

On a serious note though I do understand that this fee includes compensation for hive losses to baddies like small hive beetle and the like.

If you want more information about Reigate Beekeepers you can see their website at or e-mail them direct at (best speak to Michael Hill who is in charge of membership)

All very good and very exciting and I am one step closer to obtaining one pot of honey this year!