For some time now I have been considering what hive to get as there are so many. However, in light of this being a

The Quinntessential WBC Hive

blog about learning from my mistakes I have decided to try a different path. I am going to try a variety of different ones!

I am certain that I should be thinking about a 14*12 National hive because it makes sense to give the brood more space but I am also quite certain that I like the traditional WBC hives that you associate with bees – if for no other reason that they look nice and are the quintessential beehive! Therefore I am pretty sure that I will try both. But there is a twist……..

…………I may also get a 3rd, more modern version, the Omlet bee hive or the “Beehaus” as they call it. This is a Neil Armstrong sized leap away from the quintessential beehive but I am keen to give everyone an alternative. At the end of the day, I could not help other new beekeepers if I haven’t tried all options could I!

The Beehaus

At the end of the day, if Omlet state “With a Beehaus in your garden, you’ll soon be saying “show me the honey”!” how can I refuse?! All I want to do this year is to make one pot of honey, if I will be ending the year shouting “show me the honey” while running around the field at the end of my garden, in a Jerry Maguire type way, I will certainly have succeeded in my aim.

There is another twist to all of this as well. With regard the more traditional hives I will be looking at how easy it is to build my own as well. What I have learnt so far is that you can get delivered a complete hive if you so desire (too easy in my book!), you can get all the wood already pre cut, and you just have to put it all together (not bad option for the WBC hive perhaps), or you can just download plans from the internet and try to concoct your own little hive – that is

The National Hive

what I have to do! It could be a disaster but I have to give it a go.

Therefore, a date has already been set, my father and I will be building a bee hive on the weekend of the 6th March. Bearing in mind my father is the founder of the term “a Dearsley bodge job” I am sure that the attempts on making a beehive will perhaps not be as expected!

So there you have it, I am hoping to test out a “Dearsly Bodged” 14*12 national hive, a pre cut WBC hive and possibly even the rather slick looking, Jerry Maguire shouting, Beehaus. What is certain is that I will be looking to report all my findings here and on Twitter, I hope you follow my adventures!