So, my 2nd Christmas as a father, what an experience. I can certainly tell you that it changes your perspective and outlook to the period of celebration. You see the whole time through different eyes. Sebastian can now identify Father Christmas but obviously cannot work out that he is the one delivering presents yet. He can now open presents by himself (and can open other peoples presents in the process!) which is a joy to see and it will be interesting next year to see whether he can work it all out from this years experiences (he did go to see Father Christmas three times this year!)

So Christmas day was as eventful as ever but this year the rotation meant it was at my parents house which is always nice to revisit. The Christmas presents were opened before we went which meant that I had the pleasure to receive lots of gardening and bee related presents. These of course included the “Bee Quarterly magazine” that I had previously happened upon as you may have read in previous posts! I also got a fantastic book however entitled “Keeping Bees, a complete practical guide by Paul Peacock” from my wife which is lovely and I can highly recommend it – lots of lovely photos for the interested beginner. I shall thouroughly enjoy reading it all through while writing this blog to see if it all matchs correctly.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year in our household and Jo (my wife) makes such an effort. I don’t think there is any better time of year especially if you are lucky enough to spend it with friends and family. From Christmas Eve to New Years Day we have spent every day with different friends and family which is lovely for us and a true spectacle for Sebastian. However, there is one small problem with all of this. Most of them think I am a raving lunatic for becoming a beekeeper (in a nice way) but they all have a slightly obscure interest as well which is nice. I look forward to 2010 and letting them share in my passion and, of course, the aim to obtain just one pot of honey!

Happy Christmas and New Year to you all.