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What a nice way to spend a Sunday evening! The homemade cider reminds me of the weekend I spent making it with friends in Shropshire. Seb was just about walking and we spent two days making this fantastic concoction in beautiful October sunlight. It was incredibly warm as well but I am still not sure whether that was a continual supply of last years cider that kept us going with all the collecting, pulping and crushing of the apples. Read the rest of this entry »


Had a really nice day today. Jo, Sebastian and I first went to a National Trust garden in Esher. It was one of those lovely sunny winter days with a layer of frost covering the ground which meant it was almost bitterly cold! The gardens were beautiful and dated back to 1715 and as usual old Capability Brown had an input somewhere along the line!

After the National Trust garden we went back via RHS Wisley as I had been meaning to drop in there for sometime now. They have a fantastic library there with every gardening book you could ever imagine available. I had a feeling that they may have a good selection of books about beekeeping and I was not disappointed. Read the rest of this entry »

It is nearly February and already I am feeling frustrated. I have had a fantastic three months learning the art of beekeeping…….in the theoretical sense! I have met and communicated with a lot of lovely people over a variety of Social Media Marketing channels (Twitter being the main one) and have generally felt at home in beekeeping circles – more of this in a later post as I truly believe that this medium is made for Beekeepers to communicate…… Read the rest of this entry »

Today is quite an exciting day for me as I feel that little bit closer to being a beekeeper. I have joined an association of Beekeepers! I am now an official member of ……. Read the rest of this entry »

For some time now I have been considering what hive to get as there are so many. However, in light of this being a

The Quinntessential WBC Hive

blog about learning from my mistakes I have decided to try a different path. I am going to try a variety of different ones!

I am certain that I should be thinking about a 14*12 National hive because it makes sense to give the brood more space but I am also quite certain that I like the traditional WBC hives that you associate with bees – if for no other reason that they look nice and are the quintessential beehive! Therefore I am pretty sure that I will try both. But there is a twist…….. Read the rest of this entry »