So here we all are looking forward to Christmas. Presents seem to be arriving most days now (especially for Sebastian, our 15 month old son). I am now home from work for Christmas, which I have to say, is fantastic. It is nice to now only have to think about Friday and nothing else. I am also getting time with Seb which is simply wonderful. However, I am also able to get myself in lots of trouble with regard the Christmas presents…..

I seem to have been pretty organised this year, mostly because my fantastic wife has been in charge of all presents and card writing! All I have really had to do is buy Jo’s presents and that is it. I seem to have completed this mission rather successfully if I do say so myself.

I consider myself quite an easy person to buy presents for so usually Jo has no problems. This year with the beekeeping, I would have thought it was even easier! I have got myself in trouble though by finding out one of the presents by pure accident!

With me being home now it is a real pleasure to go down and open the post. It is lovely opening a letter, it is a shame that e-mail seems to have taken over the world – I really don’t like those e-mail generated cards, though they look great, they are never better than the real thing. Anyway, of course, I would never open up letters or parcels addressed to my wife, on fear of death. However, there was one, rather large letter, addressed to me.

It looked out of place and I was thinking that maybe it was one of the random presents that I had bought my wife this year. Alas, no. I took the A4 envelope up to our bedroom for a moment of quiet and away from prying eyes.

I opened up the envelope and inside was a copy of Beekeeper Quarterly. I was thrilled and over the moon. What a surprise, it wasn’t one of my presents for Jo after all, it was a magazine subscription for me, no doubt as I had recently done a 10 wk course about beekeeping and I had joined my local association, Reigate Beekeepers.

I sat there for 10 minutes reading through this fabulous magazine, thinking that I would need to set aside a day to read it cover to cover. As I was reading absorbing articles about “Bee Days” it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t actually joined Reigate Beekeepers yet and even if I had done, I seem to remember being told that Beekeepers Quarterly was the only magazine you didn’t get if you were a member.

This got me thinking…..maybe it was what the British Beekeepers Association did to welcome potential beekeepers. Maybe it was a gift from the course. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

I had another look at the envelope again are saw that on the front, where it said my name and address, was a document folder, much like those ones you get from DHL or TNT when you receive large packages. I opened this up and inside was an invoice.

Now, here I was upstairs, alone, looking at a magazine in one hand and an invoice with my credit card details in the other. How on earth did I pay for this without even realising! This foxed me for about another 5 minutes thinking how on earth this happened when I suddenly realised that it was not my card but Jo’s (we have the same initials) and then I suddenly felt really guilty, I had discovered one of my Christmas presents….

I went and owned up to a very disappointed Jo. She had worked so hard to find this magazine from the sounds of it and couldn’t believe that I had opened the post – it did have my name on it!

I gave the magazine back and sincerely look forward to opening it again on Christmas Day. What a lovely present from a lovely wife.

Merry Christmas everyone.