Bees are a fabulous subject but they wouldn’t be anywhere without our gardens being in shape! Therefore, this blog will also be charting my experiences in the garden as well. If truth be told, I would classify 2009 as the first year I took gardening seriously. Before that I had a keen interest but had certainly not really charted my feelings or experiences. At the start of 2009 I decided I would keep a diary of exactly what I had done, planted and sowed. Therefore I am pretty sure I can classify this year as the year that I started to take it that little bit more seriously!

One of the best skills I came out of School and University with was the ability to touch type. Therefore I find writing down my thoughts far easier using the computer rather than writing. Some people say that actually scribing a diary is a fantastic, therapeutic way of working and one that should be enjoyed. It is funny though as I used to get frustrated by the experience. My thoughts used to get slowed up by the slowness of my writing. I could never ever really put down in words exactly what I was thinking. And then there was time. Due to the hectic social and business life, writing a diary was something that I simply could not keep up with. Such was the case that my diary was a little bit sporadic last year and this dissapointed me somewhat.

Today was a fantastic day down in the South of the country and one that also conincided with a relatively clear day for our family. This meant that in between looking after our little boy, I was able to spend about 3 hours outside doing some much needed work in the garden! It was really one of those days that were a joy to be outside. The sun was shining, and, though cold, it wasn’t too windy and so I could get a lot of jobs done.

I am going to list the jobs done in bullet points (for selfish reasons really so that I can refer back to it in the future!):

  • Trimmed back the hedge – a much needed job!
  • Moved two existing roses – one to the bed at the front of the house and one to be moved to the allotments (getting some flowers ready for the bees!)
  • Planted another rose (Iceburg) under the willow tree. It states that it can grow to 10ft so it should look really nice in the future
  • Dug up one of the Hollyhocks to take to the allotment
  • Planted out the last of the wallflowers and pansys
  • Put the cuttings from late this year and also the sweetpeas into the cold frame – dealt with the latter all wrong actually as I let them grow inside too long when I should have sowed them in the cold frames – must remember that for next year
  • Cleared a bit of the shed out and made a potting bench for use next year
  • Sent the mower away for its annual service (much needed!)

All in all a really nice day and I feel that I have achieved something out there today.