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I am sitting here at my study looking out of the window to an amazing view of the fields and just looking at a  fa

My new visitor for 2009

nstastic Mistle thrush just sitting on top of my garden wall. She seems to have decided this year is the year to show an appearance in my garden and it is all the better for it. They are a beautiful bird but she is not the only new visitor this year. I have also seen lots of pied wagtails which don’t usually venture into the garden. I am also convinced that I saw a sparrowhawk this morning wizzing through my garden chasing after some poor little sparrows and blue tits. I have never seen one before but its flight was majestic. Read the rest of this entry »


So here we all are looking forward to Christmas. Presents seem to be arriving most days now (especially for Sebastian, our 15 month old son). I am now home from work for Christmas, which I have to say, is fantastic. It is nice to now only have to think about Friday and nothing else. I am also getting time with Seb which is simply wonderful. However, I am also able to get myself in lots of trouble with regard the Christmas presents….. Read the rest of this entry »

So I have done the 10 week course (I will blog about my experience at the course shortly) and so I almost feel like a theoretical beekeeper! I now have to start thinking about the practicalities of a/ getting near a hive and b/ getting near an actual bee! Hmm….I am not quite sure how I will react when faced with something that has all the ability to sting me. We will see.

One fact on my course amazed me and I felt I had to investigate straight away. In doing this I felt it introduce me to the practical side immediately and make it all feel a little bit more real. Read the rest of this entry »

Bees are a fabulous subject but they wouldn’t be anywhere without our gardens being in shape! Therefore, this blog will also be charting my experiences in the garden as well. If truth be told, I would classify 2009 as the first year I took gardening seriously. Before that I had a keen interest but had certainly not really charted my feelings or experiences. At the start of 2009 I decided I would keep a diary of exactly what I had done, planted and sowed. Therefore I am pretty sure I can classify this year as the year that I started to take it that little bit more seriously! Read the rest of this entry »

I have two aims with this blog; one long term and one short term. Initially this blog will be tracking my progress in trying to make one jar of honey in the year 2010. It is the simple aims like this that I aspire to each year and this just about encapsulates my aim for 2010. There have been many silly aims before this; trying to learn Italian, trying to learn the piano, making the Heston Blumenthal Chilli (takes about a week to make!); but I am definatley set on making this one a success. Read the rest of this entry »

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